3. Bonus Method Applied: If the partnership used the bonus method to record this transaction, the extra $16,000 paid to Windsor is simply assigned as a decrease in the remaining partners’ capital accounts. In such a case, the employee would have constructive receipt of the income and would have to report the bonus as income in year 1. The Bonus Method. There are three methods that can be used to account for a new partner joining the partnership: these are the exact method, the bonus method, and the goodwill method. In this case, the total salary of the employees was $1,000,000--which meant that the bonus would average about $20,000, or 20% of each person's … Because The Partnership Has Been Very Profitable, Partners A And B Require Partner C To Contribute $600,000 In Cash To The Partnership In Return For A One-third Interest. Using the bonus method the excess payment is treated as a bonus to the retiring partner. Under the cash method, amounts representing allowable deductions are, as a general rule, taken into account for the tax year in which paid. Assume Sun and Rain partnership equity is $190,000 total. Under the bonus method, when a new partner is admitted to the partnership, the total capital of the new partnership is equal to: Profit-sharing percentages of the previous partnership If a bonus is traceable to the previous partners rather than an incoming partner, it is allocated among the partners according to the Partner C Wants To Join The Partnership As An Equal One-third Partner. The disparity in treatment between redemptions and interest purchases creates a planning opportunity, in the right cases. c. either the new partner or the old partners, but not both. The admission of a new partner under the bonus method will result in a bonus to: a. the old partners only. Recording a partnership formation, and valuation of contributions. Notably, if bonus depreciation is allowed, the acquiring partner can apply bonus depreciation for a class of property even if the partnership has elected out of bonus depreciation for that class. BONUS METHOD - this is situation where the amount you put in the partnership is more than what you will be credited to your capital account. Distribution of net income/loss among partners, taking into consideration the agreement as to interest on capital contributions, salaries, and bonus. New partner can pay a bonus to existing partners by paying more than interest percentage received. b. the new partner only. Histori­cally, Duncan and Smith have been credited with 50 percent and 30 percent of all profits and losses, respectively. Equal Method (formation of partnership) Record capital accounts @ amounts actually contributed by each partner. Question: Admission Of New Partner—Bonus Method Assume That Partners A And B Each Report A Capital Account Of $300,000. , that means , that excess shall be credited to the old partner as A BONUS that the new partner will give to the old partner. Computation and recording of bonus (under bonus method) and goodwill (under goodwill method). The remaining partners incur the cost of paying the bonus in proportion to their relative profit sharing ratio before the partner retired. The bonus method reduces the capital accounts of the other partners because the bonus (excess of settlement value over the retiring partners balance) is deemed to be paid to the withdrawing partner by the remaining partners. This occurs when the partnership has a current market value greater than the current partner’s equity.