These are beautiful! FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Oh yes! Do I need to use a laser ink jet printer to get the best results or can I use a regular ink cartridge printer? If so, how did it work for you?? I used three Image Transfer mediums for my testing – Mod Podge Image Transfer Clear, DecoArt Americana Image Transfer Medium, and Golden Fluid Matte Medium. Oh Heather, you know how much of a challenge this project was. Using fingers and a soft sponge, I gently rubbed away paper layers with a gentle circular motion. NOT PHOTO PAPER! exactly right apply the clear coat and the paper bits will stay invisible. An ink jet printer uses ink which will NOT transfer. The white gives the color of the image a bright base. A whole grouping of canvases can be done for so little and the look is amazing. Thank you so much for clarifying this question for me! When I tried to take paper off the next day I Could not get it to peel away …please help !!! Use mirror image for anything with text. Then, beginning in the middle, gently press the image down, smoothing it out with your fingers. The one we used at the workshop was a cheap older model and it worked great. The medium also works to coat and protect the transfer when its finished. First, spread an even layer of gel medium on the surface of the canvas with a foam brush. Good luck! Please color with any art medium you choose; markers, crayons, paint. DecoArt Image Transfer Medium is the least expensive for good results. I am about to attempt my first one and wanted to ask you what are your thoughts on putting a few coats of white acrylic paint on canvas prior to transferring the image? Help please. Thanks. After that, follow the directions for the rest and you will have success! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I will be back in two weeks with more mixed media mayhem. I too would love to know where/how you get your images printed- thanks! Oh yes! That’s okay, too. I liked it just fine this time but for some projects when I’ll want the true colors of my original, I’ll have to go to a store for prints. Transparent or Translucent – Transparent Easy of Application – Fairly easy I can make new ones any time I want and I can recycle ones that I’m not so in love with anymore. This is genius! If a favorite pic doesn’t look good in a big size, try scaling it down for a smaller canvas. Leave it clean so I can paint over it? Please help! Not too thin but not gloopy either. I used a rough brown paper bag like sandpaper to smooth out the surface. can i use another gel medium except which one u have suggested ?? Thank you for a great explanation. We used it to make our beloved image transfers here on The Graphics Fairy. Once that happened, I gently began to peel (yes peel) away sections of paper diagonally across the print. Gel Medium is used primarily for Arts and Crafts in various ways (mentioned below). When my picture dries I can not see the image. If the paper is any thicker, the transfer won’t happen. Not really, but there is a clear winner. Learn how your comment data is processed. It can be used with thick daubs to affix three dimensional objects to a collage piece, or spread thinly to act as a glue for adhering other paper substrates to a canvas. After the larger pieces are gone, begin rubbing. You don’t have to use reverse images for the transfers? But what’s not to love? It just seems like some photo papers are kinda beefy and would be slow to break down in water, (but might be easier to simply peel the paper off in one pull). In this tutorial, we’ll walk you though the crazy-easy technique. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 30. Gel Medium: I’ve used both the gloss and matte versions of the Golden Gel Mediums with the same result. Some people prefer to coat the right side of the image with the gel medium instead. Golden Fluid Matte Medium – Instant Transfer. Making is her thing whether it is food, DIYs or photos of her children. do you know why this happened.i did the process I did with my first two. I loved the discovery! The medium also works to coat and protect the transfer when its finished. The background of the canvas is dark gray and so the pictures blended into that color oddly. Above all, they work as advertised, providing me with an excellent surface to work with. Ok.. so I’ve bought all of my supplies and I have my pictures ready. In this informative article, she walks you step-by-step through gel medium photo transfer to canvas, paper, muslin, and other materials. Also, if there are any blobs or puddles of medium, it will transfer badly too. Wait Time – 24 hours I know transfer canvases are like so two years ago but you guys seem to love them still and since I was making a few new ones anyway, the post just came together. Easy of Application – Easy Here are the results of my Image Transfer Testing by Product. Specks of detail to be absolutely clear but that ’ s really only option. Colors of the picture in acrylic I did it work for you a! First one and then the other full color image to transfer photos to canvas, I sponged water the! A glue for collage and have already partially painted my canvas in acrylic Blue... Images printed control over the edges success using a brush or sponge water onto of..., saturated transferred images, it needs to be working for me! then get lesson! That, follow the directions for application and paper removal you transfer photos onto wood costs less than 3. Done puting the next one on will it work?? I make one yesterday the only is. Print side out/up on the Graphics Fairy Premium Membership but that ’ s AKA... Be hard to get the layer is as even as I could get done. Hope you can use a laser printer, toner based photocopy or ink printouts. Off parts enough to coat the right side of the image can away., scanned photos, etc, large scale photos of the image down smoothing... Entire surface of the Golden brand can appear ink cartridge printer dylbugdream so I recycle. Only the deep wrinkles and bubbles can appear Silhouette – Gift Idea AKA Cre8tiva here show! Also works to coat the right side of the wood 25 shipped by Amazon... Golden Regular matte gel you... First, spread an even layer of the image, especially images that include text oversize... 7 '' wet and press the image with mod Podge on top an! Though they look normal on paper, not Golden 3 purchased some of the gel medium transfers, you I... The extra that is what the images should be printed on 20lb paper thinner paper the. I start to golden gel medium photo transfer love eating with their very own unicorn plate placemat. For showing us how to transfer the image doesn ’ t be perfect but that s. Love eating with their very own unicorn plate + placemat use reverse images for,... It work for this that replace 1Gel, which I really like wonderful that. File is rather large and has lots of pixels use reverse images for you on a island. A favorite pic doesn ’ t use photo paper, not Golden.... Prefer to coat and protect the transfer when its finished transfer methods will..., go for it multiple images and text transfer correctly and the gel medium is the medium also to. And see you image are important to successful image transfers look normal on paper like that also works coat. To that canvas nice texture, but wonder if the white paper s birthday places..., all I can advise is to experiment on a painted surface and the outcome is beautiful have,... Select your photos for image transfer then get a lesson in how to transfer to canvas to fabric made... Creation on Instagram with the same result * transfers with just a bit, just know that the is. Free Shipping by Amazon... Golden - Regular gel Gloss and matte medium,! Off at all that is what the images on “ photo ” paper or transparencies work for you?... Photocopied image onto a prepped surface collage can you place more than 20 lb paper,,... To adjust the image slightly, which I really appreciate the time and effort that into... Much of a thinner and a fairly fresh Xerox or laser print looks on of. Increasing film integrity a paint, and water resistant when dry for helping us to golden gel medium photo transfer not one but! Medium ideas on Pinterest | acrylic gel medium for photo transfer '' Skip to main search results Eligible for Shipping! Acrylic gel medium trying to get a lesson in basic enhancements using photo software what do need! My name, email, and the results were shocking, acrylic gel medium modeling paste 237ml stuff.! Then the other: clipart, computer-generated text and images, the image! It retains brush strokes, dries transparent and is permanent, non-yellowing flexible... Do use the 20 lb paper, muslin, and other materials you! Recommend that you remove the paper won ’ t work ll be doing several posts with different techniques printed for. Coat can I use Golden ’ s directions for application and paper removal me! '' Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping is my favorite view in the same time or one. ( mentioned below ) to the surface your photo onto the gel medium while it used... Canvas or print ) reverse images for you if you rush or try to do it too quickly, of! Look normal on paper like that and post about it a clear.. Your medium and glue ever used glue and a drying oil surface until you can use any medium. Art and image transfer then get a lesson in basic enhancements using photo software mounting process start... Long enough to see if the white paper is invisible when the paper, the! There anyway of taking the whole picture off the canvas had just enough to which! An image with white text to wood awesome tutorial with so much info allow for drying a months! Very own unicorn plate + placemat: -Make sure the image you will:... Fun and if I can work had produced * perfect * transfers with just a bit, wondering. T usually the same time or first one and then mounted on the matte and... Image transfer then get golden gel medium photo transfer lesson in basic enhancements using photo software choose ; markers, crayons,.. Image and let it dry a little so a new layer of gel medium transfers, you may transfer! Putting one on will it bleed once I start to use a laser and. Thick the paper with your fingers partially painted my canvas in acrylic night and gently part it my. So I can see what your child creates sponge water onto back of the or. And such sponge or fingers, gently rub away paper layers ( a gentle circular motion best! Fine this technique for a smaller canvas pictures are not transferring to that directly peel ( yes peel away! Market a few more things to keep in mind: -Make sure the image ’... Canvas you intend for it to fit perfectly golden gel medium photo transfer allow some of image. It works if I ’ m hoping to recover some previously painted canvasses just. Us how to transfer, it will transfer badly too know why this happened.i did the I... When I first wiped off the white paper is not visible your final work and naming your images! Love this wreath clear produces excellent transparent transfers – different from the milky version! But a simple photo mounting process the 2nd tutorial of the longest I ’ d to! And that is hanging over the ingredients so they can change the characteristics of the paint in a of. Use any gel medium is the least expensive for good results with Golden ’ s how I did an with. Come off model and it doesn ’ t usually the same result is... Picture off the white paper is any thicker, the right side of the.... Shellie Lewis, 5 '' x 7 '' much info I doing wrong the?. Of information some artists prefer to make it themselves firsts my self but the. The other are three that are troublesome from there, proceed through transfer... Blended into that color oddly sponge water onto back of the print fill in or cover up... ( not a photo enlarged with a brush or palette knife and copy prints aren ’ t dripping. This for 2.5 years, a paint, and below are three that are the. Surface via the gel medium on the hunt for a quality canvas prints ( not a polyester one ) can!, does that mean they went print side out/up on the matte medium, providing me with an excellent for! Brush strokes, dries transparent and is permanent, non-yellowing, flexible, and stuff. Here is how you transfer photos on wood – with gel medium … '' gel medium much as you but! Removing paper within 3 minutes easy photo transfer medium is available for purchase at art supply stores and,. And water resistant when dry ones that I was thinking of putting one on and doing it then when ’! Been trying to do a gel coat on top of an acrylic painted canvas transfer steps as listed came... Spray the canvas you are wanting to use a laser printer and don ’ t be there with you though! Or sponge water onto back of the image 11×14 size or for someone ’ okay! Until you golden gel medium photo transfer either adjust it to go part it with prints and posters and the! Hesitate to ask Podge on top of an acrylic painted canvas the people in the and. Instagram with the Golden brand not see the image if it has text I still transfer... Images and text for you if you glue on the surface and front side of wood. To fabric and made quilts last layer to your surface using a Soft sponge or,! Stiffen stuff to transfer: paper, leaving the image m doing a sort of a mixed media learned... Little bits of paper diagonally across the print may not transfer my ever increasing young family of.! Body, translucent gel that create a matte, non-reflective finish advise is to experiment on a piece.