What are your location requirements? July 2020. Especially now, as I finish the 2020 update. The venue we chose had everything BUT the bridal suite. Pro tip: Go look at this space closely, too. Consider bringing this list of 28 important questions to ask potential venues with you on your site visits. If we can bring our own liquor onto the property, is there a corkage or service fee? What are the options for inclement weather? Furthermore, some venues charge tax on top of the service charge and others calculate it only on the tangible items, so having an estimate prior to signing … But make sure you know the total cost upfront and how that can be broken down (and if the venue has a deposit or payment schedule). Called “plus-plus,” that means you’ll be paying tax and gratuity on top of the listed cost. Your wedding venue will lay the foundation for all future wedding decisions during your planning. To find your dream wedding venue you have to ask right kind of questions so that you can make an informed decision. One of the more memorable events in a lifetime. 101 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue Covering 15 Must-Know Topics. With that said it is so important that you ask your wedding venue coordinator the right questions at the final meeting. Months of planning, sometimes a year or more, go into making sure everything is right. And how much time is available for breakdown? Essential to your special day is finding your perfect venue. Does it cover service charges, gratuity, and cleaning fees, or are those additional line items? After all, this is where your big day will happen so it should be nothing less than remarkable. Do you have your own sound equipment and speakers, or will those need to be rented or provided by the entertainment? But you don’t have to worry! You have consider so many things like an open wedding or a fancy place. Once you’ve narrowed down your list and scheduled some site visits, it’s important to meet with the staff and ask detailed, in-depth questions to make sure it’s the right space for your celebration. Be prepared ahead of time by asking what the policy is. Here are the questions to ask a wedding venue — before signing on the dotted line. Questions to Ask Before Signing a Wedding Venue Contract February 27, 2019. We know wedding planning can be tough. We’re here to help with a list of questions for you to ask before you make it official. If there is a fee and it isn’t covered by your rental, ask how much it would cost for you to pay for your guests’ parking for the evening. If you have a specific date in mind, find out if the venue has availability then. This includes a time frame for when you can expect to get your money back (if applicable). Planning a wedding is a lot of work and can be very costly. What are the rates for different days of the week and times (Friday, Saturday. You’ll want to ask these before you book. To help, we've come up with this comprehensive list of questions to ask a wedding venue—before you put down a deposit. If booking your venue is one of the last steps in your wedding planning process, bring some pictures and sketches as an example of what you have planned so they know what to expect. 2. Pro tip: A venue like a hotel will usually have staff available to help arrange and set the tables, then help pack up any rented glassware, flatware, and dishes at the end of the night. Pro tip: You’ll want to find out how long you have to cancel and get your money back (or at least some of it). 28 Wedding Venue Questions You Should Be Asking Before you sign on the dotted line, here's what to ask the wedding venue. Pro tip: Venues with in-house caterers will often have a food and beverage minimum that you’re required to meet as part of the contract—essentially a minimum amount you need to spend. We’re here to help with a list of questions for you to ask before you make it official. Is our date available? What is included in the total? Don’t forget, the venue is there for you not only the day of, but all the days leading up to the ceremony as well. If you’re scoping out venues before you’ve selected a date, that’s okay! Pro tip: Ideally, you’ll want to be the only event on-site on your wedding day, as having other events happening can result in less setup time, limited venue access, and confusion for your guests. Before you sign on the dotted line, ask your venue these questions about their contract. How many people can this venue accommodate? If you have specific needs of the band then this is the time to ask. There are five questions everyone should ask a band when they approach them to do a wedding. Choosing the right venue for your day defines many of the. The Ultimate Wedding-Planning Checklist and Timeline. Pro tip: You may see a “++” on certain items on the bill. You’ll probably visit a few different wedding venues before you find the one you want to marry at. Find out if you can source your liquor elsewhere, which allows you to price shop, or if you can buy it yourself and bring it to the event. A Comprehensive List of Wedding Venue Questions. Of course, wedding planning comes with a lot of card swiping and check writing. When is the earliest we can start setting up? It's important that the venue you choose can accommodate all of your needs, so we put together a list of questions to ask wedding venues as a guide in helping you choose the venue that is right for you. Venue checklist questions to ask yourself. Your wedding’s style, budget, guest count, and preferred locations all affect your venue. Wedding planning can be daunting — and one of the most immediate sources of stress is choosing a venue. Nov 3, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Sari Dao. Is the venue located near dining, cultural, sports and entertainment opportunities? Looking for wedding venues is not an easy task. If you don’t have your heart set on a Saturday night wedding in the summer, you may find more available dates on a Friday or Sunday and during the slower season—as well as lower prices. A vendor who is familiar with your venue will already know the quirks and challenges of the space, which will make your planning process that much easier. We know where you should start. Before you sign a contract you still have a certain amount of negotiating power. How many hours are included in the rental of the space? In what capacity? Note the sliding scale, which typically begins on the date the contract was signed and continues in increments … Who would be the point of contact for the day of and leading up to the event? Feb 10, 2017 - Selecting a wedding venue is often the first big item that a couple checks off their list. 1. Heat lamps? First thing we do during wedding planning is finding perfect venue for your special day. July 7, 2010 Wedding Venues – Questions to Ask Before You Sign the Contract. Questions to Ask Wedding Venue You might not have your list of questions ready just yet, so we’ve distilled it down to 63 must-asks. After all, from rustic venues to unusual venues, there’s so much to choose from!. Is the venue available on my target date? Choosing the right venue … There’s more to the perfect wedding venue than just the aesthetics (though good looks are a huge bonus). If you will require catering, this should be one of the first things you look out for before signing a contract. We have the top 10 questions to ask when you’re out touring venues for the big day. If there is not an in-house caterer, do we have to choose from a list of approved options, or can we hire our own caterer? Pro tip: It’s always best if these two people are one and the same, but that’s not always the case. Take your notebook and write down the answers to all the questions so you don’t get venues confused. Is parking available on-site? Do we have to purchase liquor through you, or can we source liquor elsewhere? Once you’ve chosen a venue, make sure you understand all the terms, details and costs in your contract before you sign, so there are no surprises later. Do you have an in-house caterer? Will the venue coordinator be available as the day-of-coordinator? Pro tip: If your venue does allow you to buy your own alcohol, they may charge a fee to serve it on the property—which is still often much less than the price of ordering straight through the venue. How close is the venue to a major airport? Some venues have a list of preferred vendors that they like working with. Pro tip: Sometimes use of parking is included in your site rental fee, sometimes it isn’t. The cost of the venue may be low, but the dollar signs might be hidden in this detail. The majority of wedding planning is pretty fun. Discover (and save!) How early can we arrive, and how late can we stay? Finding a perfect day isn’t a cup of tea. By double-checking these details, you can avoid running into hidden fees or surprise charges. Don’t give in to the stress of picking a venue! We’ve asked the pros for the key questions to ask your wedding venue. Here’s a sample list of questions to ask a wedding venue. What is the total cost and how can it be paid? If you’re not guaranteed to be the only event that day, find out how much it would cost to do a complete buyout, as well as ask about how the staff handles having multiple events at once. Umbrellas? What, if anything, can be added to the contract? Will your staff be involved in setting up and breaking down the décor? While no one wants a rainy wedding day, it happens quite often, so you’ll want to love your Plan B just as much as Plan A. Date and Time Frame of Your Reception You want to know exactly what you're signing up for, so double check this one. That’s why, here at Contagious Events, we have gathered five very important questions that you should ask before signing your own wedding venue contract. Locking in your wedding venue and signing a contract can make the whole engagement process feel more "real," but be sure to ask what plans they have in … Maybe there is no alcohol policy, or they don’t mention whether or not they require event insurance. © Copyright 2020, Meredith Corporation. Find out how late you can play music, as well as whether you need to turn it off at that time or just turn it down or move inside. When is the last possible date to make changes to our reservation? Here are a few things to do before signing the contract for your venue. The wedding vendor might have a preferred list of vendors you can choose from, while others could require lengthy contracts for outside vendors due to liability issues. Is my date of choice available? Pro tip: Ask about where and how things like lights and drapery can be hung, as well as whether you can use candles with an open flame or if you need to use LED candles instead. Confirm exactly what the venue’s staff will be doing so you can pass that information on to your other vendors. Feb 10, 2017 - Selecting a wedding venue is often the first big item that a couple checks off their list. Just because you’ve expressed interest in a venue does not mean you need to make a decision right away. Questions to ask your wedding venue You want your wedding day to be perfect. Just make sure all parties agree with what is being added. Both of these items would be a good thing to add to the contract before signing. For reference, the average dinner and dance reception is about four hours, but it can be … 7. But also make sure you get the contact information for whoever will be at the venue on your wedding day, so you can ensure they have all the necessary details in order. While we hope a canceled ceremony isn’t in the cards for you, we understand that things happen. Whoever this person is, you may want to meet them when you tour the venue for the first time. It can, however, come with a hefty markup. What is the backup plan for rain or inclement weather? Luckily, we've created a list of every single wedding venue question for you to use as you interview and tour potential wedding locales. After thoroughly reading through a potential venue’s contract, you may notice that there are things they didn’t address. But, before you sign any contracts for a venue, you need to be fully informed as to what you will be presented with! Try to visit venues before you’ve chosen an exact date. Jun 1, 2017 - Selecting a wedding venue is often the first big item that a couple checks off their list. 5. What’s the cancellation policy and is the deposit refundable? If not, are there any surrounding dates available? Five Questions to Ask a Wedding Band Before Signing the Contract. Choosing the right venue for your day defines many of the puzzle pieces that will ultimately fit together to create your wedding: your date, where guests will need to book hotel rooms, outfits, decor, food, etc.While touring venues is fun and exciting, it can be overwhelming. 1. You'll likely be in contact with your wedding venue during the planning process, so this will come in handy. Will guests be charged for parking? 8. This may seem obvious, but it's always a good idea to get everything in writing. There are all sorts of important details you’ll need to cover before you sign on the dotted line. To help, we tapped major wedding pros to create a list of the most important questions to ask your vendors at this time, whether your wedding is in the next eight weeks or eight months from now. Selecting a wedding venue is often the first big item that a couple checks off their list. 6. 28 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Venue Before Signing a Contract April 30, 2015 admin Leave a comment When comparing wedding venue options, it’s important to make sure you understand all the details of each offer so you can compare wisely and choose the best option. Here's How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue, 16 Stunning Inexpensive & Budget-Friendly Wedding Venue Ideas, Every Single Question You Need to Ask Your Cake Baker, The Complete Guide to Wedding Venue Costs, 36 Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer, The 16 Rules for Choosing a Wedding Venue (Yes, 16! Cancellation terms can vary enormously from venue to venue (even within the same hotel brand) so it is essential to double check the non-refundable deposit. Are there any additional charges? An easy way out would be to direct all your questions to your shortlisted photographer before you take the final call. If yes, what services are included? If you and your boo plan on dancing the night away, you’ll want to make sure that your venue is okay with this. Around where do you want the wedding to be held? Before you start thinking up plans to hang lights from the ceiling and string confetti or flowers all over, make sure to ask what is and isn’t allowed when decorating. How many bathrooms are there? There is so much to factor in, … And the last thing you would want is to book somebody you are not sure about. your own Pins on Pinterest by. Pro tip: Many venues are under noise ordinances (town or county rules requiring music to stop at a certain time) or have restrictions of their own. Can I place a hold? Do we have to use a specific caterer, or can we choose our own? Whatever it is, make note of it. Chair, tables, dining utensils — whatever it is, you’ll want to know what the venue will handle and what you’ll need to worry about. How far in advance can I reserve my date? Bring these questions along with you to make sure you're prepared and have the full picture before signing a contract. If so, are food and beverages included in the venue rental fee? All Rights Reserved, Best Bridal Shower Gifts for the Bride Who Has Everything, Best Bridal Shower Decorations on a Budget. Or do you have a wait list for dates? Posted in Wedding Planning at 6:43 pm by Alphabet Dinners. Ready to find the perfect venue? ), Every Single Question You Need to Ask Your Caterer, How to Have a Restaurant Wedding Reception, BRIDES Houston: Here's How Much Your Wedding Venue Should Cost, 50 Questions to Ask Wedding DJs and Bands, 6 Tips for Planning Your Wedding as a Team of Two, Every Single Question You Need to Ask Your Florist, Why You Should Consider a Weekday Wedding, According to 40+ Wedding Pros, Why Wedding Budget Calculators Don’t Work—And How to Do It Yourself, Everything You Need to Know About Your Wedding Tasting. But you don’t have to worry! Jul 11, 2019 - You're ready to visit wedding venues! Is it also easily accessible from highways or public transit? It can be difficult communicating through email and phone calls when you haven’t met face to face and you want to ensure their event contact is someone you’ll enjoy working with. For every detail you secure, there's likely a vendor behind it, and with the vendor comes a contract. If you have a few options or a range of dates that might work, you’ll be more likely to secure a spot at the venue of your dreams. If you are already eying certain catering services, be sure to ask this question prior to booking your venue. (they have a bridal 'holding room' where I can put my dress on, but its really like an over glorified closet) We fell in LOVE with our venue though and are compromising with either using my aunts house (which is 20 minutes away) or getting a suite for the bridal party to do all of the fun day of things in at the hotel near by. 4. Before you sign that wedding contract, be sure you are prepared for all these charges so you can plan accordingly. Pro tip: If your venue doesn’t require you to use their vendors, ask if there are any they recommend most highly. Is there an on-site venue coordinator? Find out what happens if you don’t meet it, as well as what upgraded options you might be able to add to your menu to help you meet that minimum. Choosing the right venue for your day defines many of the. What are the consequences if we don’t meet it? Will we need to rent additional portable restrooms? When brides and grooms start looking for wedding venues, too often they fall in love with the beauty of the place and sign a contract before they’ve considered the more practical things. Pro tip: If they aren’t the person you’re doing your tour with, try to meet these contacts in person ASAP to find out if you get along. It’s not a deal breaker, but having a good rapport will make the process much more smooth, and it’s always nice to put a name and face together. If not, are there limitations or guidelines we need to meet when bringing others in? While not the glitziest part of planning, it is the most important. Do you want an outdoor ceremony or an indoor one? It's full of cake tastings, playing dress up, and design, but there's a serious side, too. Pro tip: Find out how many guests you can fit in the space with and without a dance floor, with a band vs. with a DJ (as a band will require more space), and with round vs. rectangular or square tables to understand which decisions will help you maximize the space and your guest list. Choosing the right venue … Some venues will give a discount for ceremonies that occur on a Friday instead of a Saturday, or in the early afternoon, rather than the evening. How much space is there? Pro tip: Most venues will have you pay a deposit upon signing the contract, and the balance in installments between the day you sign and your wedding date. What is your cancellation policy? Jun 1, 2017 - Selecting a wedding venue is often the first big item that a couple checks off their list. Just make sure to ask about varying rates on the dates you have in mind. She also worked as a luxury wedding planning producing over 100 high-end weddings and events over four wedding seasons in Colorado. Who will be our point of contact before the wedding? Find out who your contact will be for the planning process, as they’ll be the contact for your vendors as well. Use this handy wedding venue checklist at each one you visit to help you decide, and ensure you have everything you want. Ask these questions first. Pro tip: Many venues offer the option of purchasing liquor directly through them (especially if they have an exclusive or in-house caterer), which is super convenient. Below you’ll find these important questions (and insider tips) split into categories to help you build your own custom list of questions to ask. 1. Inquire About the Policies Regarding Wedding Vendors Do you have a food and beverage minimum? Pro tip: If there’s a chance you might need to change your wedding date, find out how long you have to do so without incurring a penalty or fee. It's your wedding. Questions to Ask Wedding Venue at Final Meeting Conclusion. Be sure you are ready with the right set of questions before you sign the contract. Every couple deserves to book the best wedding venue! We have the top 10 questions to ask when you’re out touring venues for the big day. Is the venue available on our desired date? Wedding planning can be daunting — and one of the most immediate sources of stress is choosing a venue. Before you sign a contract for your wedding venue, you need to complete a few tasks so that you know the venue is the best match for your big day. This may be an issue if you already have someone lined up, but using one of their recommendations may even save you some money! Now that you’ve got a detailed list of wedding venue questions, you’re ready to find your event space! Jaimie Mackey was the Brides real weddings editor from 2013 to 2015. Consider wedding insurance so you don’t lose a big deposit if something changes. 4. Here are some questions to ask yourself before venturing forth into location visits. There’ll be a huge amount of information to take away at each viewing and it’s easy to realise you forgot to ask lots of important questions. Who will be our point person on our wedding day. Can we bring in our own alcohol, such as wine, beer and spirits? Who will be our point person as we plan our wedding? Top Questions to Ask Before Signing Your Wedding Venue Contract Contagious April 6, 2020 Planning , Vendor Selection , Venues Leave a Comment Discovering the perfect wedding venue will be quite the task. Do we have to use your approved vendors? Do you have a list of approved or recommended vendors we can use? If you’re having an outdoor wedding, or even just a ceremony, you’ll want to know what plans the venue has in place for severe weather.