Stan check for leaks then check for sticking gauge. Calibrated in the percentage of the tank contents it has an acuracy of + or – 3% and can be used on oil tanks of between 0.9 to 2.0 metres in inner tank … These tanks are not your common steel tank, the Roth tank is double-walled, making oil spilled almost impossible. A float assembly inside the oil tank moves up and down along with the level of oil inside of the oil tank. [Thanks GC] . I have a 275 G tank without a TLI. How should you read an oil tank gauge? 5, pp. I have searched for a replacement vial online but they all are threaded vials. He is also a contributor to in several technical areas such as plumbing and appliances (dryer vents). About $130. Consider that for a typical oval shaped oil tank, the gauge is only close to accurate when the tank is full, half empty, and fully empty. Roth double walled Tanks are said to be up to 50% lighter than a 12-gauge steel tank, boasting a larger fluid and heating oil storage capacity. We also provide a MASTER INDEX to this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. Contact Mr. Cranor at 804-873-8534 or by Email: Arlene Puentes [Website: ] , an ASHI home inspector in Kingston, NY, contributed the example photograph of an outdoor aboveground oil tank. This article series escribes how to find, read, and test the oil gauge on a home heating oil tank. It is the perfect replacement tank. Any thoughts? He says they need to empty the tank, and turn them to both face front, so that a person could get to all the valves etc. On the seeping oil tank fittings in our photograph, we left a rag tied around the leaky pipe. On top of the metal rod is an indicator, such as the red plastic disk in our photo below. $34.95 $ 34. There are various LED and other electronic oil tank fuel level gauges that permit remote reading of the level of oil in the tank, but all of them require some sort of sensor or float inside the tank where the oil level will be monitored. However, measurement reliability and repeatability are important. In the photo of an oil tank gauge at above left the red disk is sitting above 3/4 - showing that the heating oil level in this oil tank is more than 3/4 full. If so, is there a way to correct this so the tank reads accurately? Apologies for the delay. 6 > No bricking > No oil-proof coating > No separate room Roth DWT plus 3 and Roth KWT for the storage of up to 5000 litres may be installed in the boiler room. Or use our email found at our CONTACT link and send me some sharp photos of your gauge and I'll see what I can find for it. Roth double-wall fuel oil tanks come in five sizes, including 110, 165, 275 regular, 275 low-height, and 400 gallon. It's just about impossible to install a new balancing line between the two tanks connected to tank bottoms without first emptying the tanks. "Foam formation in wet heavy fuel oils." This is the first time in 10 years this has ever happened. Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils 5, no. 2 Inhaltsverzeichnis A. Transportanleitung Seite 4 B. Aufstellbestimmungen Seite 4 C. Montageanleitung Seite 5 1. In the photo of an oil tank gauge at above left the red disk is sitting above 3/4 - showing that the heating oil level in this oil tank is more than 3/4 full. over the fire. The plastic part that covers your oil tank gauge is called the gauge vial. The depth of the oil in the tank is measured by marking the top of the tank on the stick or oil tank gauge, then placing the stick into the oil tank and withdrawing it. - Karen Gallant 6/27/12. I've never heard of such a thing! It has nothing to do with the transfer of oil from the oil tank to the heating oil burner. FREE Shipping by Amazon. As I worry about running out of oil and losing heat and having freezing pipes and water damage in buildings, I take the more conservative approach and call the oil company if the bottom of the gauge is in the 1/4 range or lower. The integral base support shall not be removed and raising the tank height is not allowed except on a continuous concrete platform at least 6” (150 mm) wid- … This is a poorly installed oil tank, exposed to roof runoff, freezing temperatures, improperly closed vent opening, and more. It is really bothering me how unbelievable ineffecient it is. Oil won't be delivered unless the tank gives out a whistle, please explain since I'm new at this. Other oil tank gauges may use a rigid vertical rod and moving float or an electronic oil level sensor method. 2335003721 Tank Cover for 1000LH Fuel Tank: $314.76. Here are some heating oil gauge basics: Your tank gauge is usually located on top of the tank; look for a clear glass or plastic tube marked with numbers that resemble the gas gauge of your car: F, ¾, ½, ¼. The guage read 1/2. It does not more? Some buried oil tank systems use an oil tank gauge that measures oil in the tank and gives a reading at a remote location such as indoors near the heating boiler - which is pretty convenient in nasty weather. There are no threads on the gauge mounting hole. Jimmy Sers said:I just came across this smart oil gauge (TM) that has a app that gives you readings to your phone through their custom app!! Any comment? FREE Shipping. InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. over the fire. Guter zustand, mit umfangreichem zubehör. gauge accuracy I don't think you have a problem. I have just filled my tank two weeks ago. Technologies include (antique) fuel level gauges like the one we show above, operated by an actual oil level liquid tube, hard-wired fuel levek sensors and oil tank gauges, and oil tank level sensors that combine with a wireless technology to report oil tank level. Contact Krueger directly atKrueger Sentry Gauge1873 Siesta LaneGreen Bay, WI We are an oil company and any delivery in the 230 to 245 gallon range is considered a "runout" The Roth gauges are notoriously inaccurate ( Ask me how i know---I have one in my house) . Smart Oil Gauge - Wi-Fi Heating Oil Tank Gauge - Check Your Oil Level From Your Phone, Compatible with Alexa. Note: appearance of your Comment below may be delayed: if your comment contains an image, web link, or text that looks to the software as if it might be a web link, your posting will appear after it has been approved by a moderator. The Smart Oil Gauge fits into a 2" NPT opening on the top of a tank. Does it splash up and glue the float mechanism? Of course the time to check the gauge would be right after the tank has been filled. i would get the regular standard tank. How to find out how much oil is in the oil tank. I have a float gage (319 gallon indoor oval tank), the tank went empty and was filled with 200 gallons however the gage did not return to show approximately 3/4 full. Krueger, the company you mentioned, provides an "LED at a Glance" LED Clamp-on device that will convert the position of the float gauge indicator into an electronic signal of oil level that can then be read by a remote display - that feature may not be one you need. 25 Tanks ROTH WERKE GMBH 35232 DAUTPHETAL TELEFON (0 64 66) 9 22-0 TELEFAX (0 64 66) 9 22-1 00 E-Mail: Perhaps you oil company is cheating you. We also provide a MASTER INDEX to this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. Rheem KING Oil Tank Gauge. The Fuel Minder™ Store, Syba Systems, Syba Systems LLC 12 Weathervane Rd Bristol, CT 06010 USA Phone: 860-310-4097 or 860-608-8095 Send E-mail to: or Website: Roth hydraulic accumulators have stood for experience in research, development, design in the production of piston, bladder and membrane accumulators for more than 60 years. Click to Show or Hide Citations & References, DENSITY and THERMAL EXPANSION of PETROLEUM OIL, ARTICLE INDEX to HEATING OIL, OIL BURNERS, OIL FIRED HEATERS, OIL TANKS, HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION COURESES (Canada), HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION: HOME STUDY COURSES. Includes an audible alarm when the fuel level is low in the oil tank. About $150. InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. Good grief what a lot of trouble, and what a thoughtless original installation. "HUD Regulation for Manufactured Homes; Requirement that Heat-Tape not include a GFCI [ copy on file as /plumbing/GFCI_Heat_Tapes_HUD_CPSC_Letter1994.pdf ] - ", Meeting Log, US CPSC, HUD, Dennis McCoskrie, ESEE, 2/14/1994, Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the. back-siphonage from the tank. 2335021643 Leak Indicators for Roth DWT 400L Fuel Tanks : $32.76. tank inventory. Oil tank gauges, depending on the type and design, can leak if an oil storage tank is overfilled. $159.00 $ 159. Dave Ferris - M&S Environmental Systems, Dutchess County, New York. I'd also check - if you can - about just what was being delivered to you - if your oil tank didn't have much water in it before then water could have come in a bad delivery. The plastic cover that covers (shows the 1/8 markings) the gauge of my oil tank broke/cracked.Do you know where I can get a replacement? Hope this helps. If that doesn't work, replace the gauge. You can get one from a local oil heating equipment parts supplier or online. You need to review the tank oil piping routing and connections and valves - piping could be incorrect, or clogged, or a valve closed. Float gauges will give a general idea of how much oil you have (unless they have stopped working due to sludge buildup or other failure modes), but if you are trying to figure out how much heating oil you can fit in your tank or you don't have a float gauge at all, the most accurate way to manually measure your oil level is with a long, clean stick. If the heating oil tank has been enclosed for cosmetic or other reasons, it may be necessary to make an access door that can be opened to give a view of the oil tank gauge. How accurate is the oil tank gauge? On 2019-03-31 by (mod) - boiler is using oil from only one of the tanks. NPT with a rubber o-ring for sealing. [2] "The application of a continuous leak detection system to pipelines and associated equipment", Sandberg, C. I've seen this happen if the oil truck is filled from a depot tank that is low on oil, has water in that tank bottom (which is normal) and is itself stirred by a depot delivery while the oil truck is filling. Roth DWT plus 3 makes room for innovation Simple, clean and space saving! 95. Measuring from the top, center, or bottom of the disc are all fine. 2335003411 Roth Sealed Fuel Oil Gauge Use With DWT400L 110 gal Double-Wall Oil Storage Tanks: $43.35. It can contain at least 110% of the capacity of the inner tank for maximum protection. (This is our favorite solution for existing above-ground oil storage tanks located where reading the gauge is difficult). Roth DWT Features Built with safety and the environment in mind Roth oil tanks exceed the industry standard safety regulations. It is engineered to be the finest fuel storage tank available for residential and light commercial use and one that will provide decades of trouble free service. Reliable level alarms are also a must to operate safely. The gauge is only close to accurate when the oil tank (round or oval in shape) is empty, half-full, and completely full levels. Some of these remote reading oil tank gauges are also sold on Amazon as well as at your local heating equipment parts supplier. More Buying Choices $29.49 (6 new offers) R W Beckett Corp 4504 KING Oil Tank Gauge. 5, pp. If going to that much trouble (emptying tanks) I'd look at sludge removal at the same time, or even tank replacement if the tanks are quite old and rusted thin since much of the cost is in the labor. Mr. Ferris was an Get the best deals for 275 gallon oil tank at 2. Other product brands besides those in our list include Sentry Tank Monitors, Afriso Unitel pneumatic oil tank gauges, Levelometer, Jarhead Tank Gauges, Petro-Meter oil tank gauges for industrial applications, and others. My problem is that my boiler is using oil from only one of the tanks how do I fix the problem. All DWT PLUS 3 oil tanks come with a generous 30-year limited warranty, as well as an insurance policy worth up to $2 million. TEK-603 Eco Oil Monitor, a wireless oil tank fuel level gauge that communicates between the tank sensor and a readout unit wirelessly. A 1.5" adapter is available for tanks with a smaller opening. About $140. Raychem Corp., Menlo Park, CA, Holmes, J. ; McCoy, K. ; Koppitsch, H, Industry Applications, IEEE Transactions on, Sep/Oct 1989, Vol. F.W. Remove the firematic or Restarted burner. Standard 275 tanks are approx 42" in height so 3/4 of a tank would leave 31 1/2" of oil remaining assuming your tanks are balanced. Personal communication to DJF 1987. This morning the gauge reads empty? Didn't know if I should read bottom, middle or top of disc. One way for the oil company to offer cheap pricing. 906-909, ISSN : 0093-9994 INSPEC Accession Number: 3582593 Digital Object Identifier : 10.1109/28.41257, Abstract: [3] "A Case Study of a Large Scale Precision [oil or fuel] Tank Testing Program", Diane H. Heck, Tetra Tech Richardson, Newark, Delaware, web search 4/27/12, original source:, copy on file as /heating/OIl Tanks UST/Tank_Test_Heck_870143411.pdf Abstract: Dave Ferris - M&S Environmental Systems, Dutchess County, New York. It’s now at less han 1/8 of a tank. Roth heating oil tanks quality proven over decades . The gauge cover turns counter-clockwise to remove it. Mehr Bilder. Question on a fuel oil tank gauge: 275 gallon outside, vertical, 8 years old, in good repair. As the float assembly moves up or down it pushes a metal rod upwards (oil level in the tank is going up) or lets the metal rod fall down (oil level in the tank is dropping). Radebeul. But some clever piping may be needed to assure that both oil tanks are used when tapped from the top. Several companies make sensors and remote-readouot gauges that permit reporting of the fuel level in an inaccessible or buried oil storage tank. Unscrew the plastic cover by hand. Roth Industries Double Wall Fuel Oil Tanks S ABC Industries All Parts Equipment and Accessories DeWALT Portable Heaters Enerco Heating Frost Fighter Heating HeatStar Portable Heating Equipment Roth Fuel Tank Smoky Mountain Emporium Veloci Performance Products, Inc.™ Get it as soon as Mon, Dec 28. Today if we use a folding measuring rule or a generic "stick" to "stick the oil tank" to check oil level, we need to know the volume and shape of the tank as well as the depth of oil on the stick in order to calculate the number of gallons in the oil tank accurately. The leak was at the pipe fittings not the oil tank gauge. Karen the Worcester Camray 5 is a discontinued oil fired heating boiler. I don't know about the oil level indicator you cite - but if it is a device mounted on your oil piping or oil tank, I would imagine your oil heat service company can install a generic replacement. Thanks! I cant imagine it sucking that much oil. A Roth double-wall heating oil tank features an internal plastic tank, surrounded by a metal outer tank. The gauge on top of your oil tank is pretty easy to find and read. The top of the capped nipple is about 10" above the top of the tank. Sees Maryland winters.Last spring, my oil supplier left a note that the standard float gauge did not work. Techs refer to this method as a sludge pot. Or see OIL TANK GAUGE FAQs - questions & answers about oil tank gauges posted originally at this page. However, he said that the crossover line between the two tanks must be getting clogged, as the oil is not flowing freely from one tank to the other. In summer, I removed and cleaned the plastic dial cover with Mineral Spirits and a bottle brush, It was heavily coated inside, almost opaque, a bright red hardened gum. Webb - 150 Years of Industrial, Commercial, Residential Selection, Expertise & … Note: appearance of your Comment below may be delayed: if your comment contains an image, web link, or text that looks to the software as if it might be a web link, your posting will appear after it has been approved by a moderator. Mr. R.L. Then gently pushed the float down into a full tank, cycled this slowly several times full range, and it worked for almost a season. 906-909, ISSN : 0093-9994 INSPEC Accession Number: 3582593 Digital Object Identifier : 10.1109/28.41257, Abstract: [3] "A Case Study of a Large Scale Precision [oil or fuel] Tank Testing Program", Diane H. Heck, Tetra Tech Richardson, Newark, Delaware, web search 4/27/12, original source:, copy on file as /heating/OIl Tanks UST/Tank_Test_Heck_870143411.pdf Abstract: John Cranor [Website: / ] is an ASHI member and a home inspector (The House Whisperer) is located in Glen Allen, VA 23060. Types of oil tank gauges to measure how much oil is in the oil tank; Special gauges for buried oil tanks - underground tanks - tell how much oil is in the tank without having to use a dipstick; Heating oil tank gauge accuracy, inspection, installation, defects, repair guide. The 1.5" vent line has a capped end that I stick a stick in to see what the level of oil is. Oil delivery temperature will not explain ANY significant differences in the oil tank fuel level. Gauge should be mounted on of the plastic adapters provided with the Roth double-wall oil tank with no need for pipe dope or Teflon tape on the threads. The sending unit mounts onto the oil tank and connects to a digital or analog gauge mounted in the building. Don't grab it with Vise Grips™ or you'll probably break the plastic. Oil tank gauges often work reliably for decades and do not require maintenance. Roth Tank Plus Package. (Jan 28, 2015) Anonymous said:oil tank vent alarm not working, what could be the cause? until roth themselves resolve these issues I dont reccomend them. Modern remote oil tank gauges include sensors which provide an LED, an analog or digital dial, or another form of electronic indication of the level of oil in the buried or remote oil tank. You have a photo of the type that I have as the first picture under your " How do we know that the oil tank gauge is working?" A red marker or float usually indicates how much fuel is left in your tank – if the float is at the bottom of the gauge or not visible at all, your tank is empty or nearly empty. HVAC expert. First let's check for a stuck oil tank gauge - some gauges have a removable plastic cover that lets you press the level indicator down or pull it gently up to assure it's not jammed. save your money and get the good old standard tank which will last you 50 years or better Roth provides the additional components you’ll need to install and operate our oil tanks to their full potential. Now with the last fill up, it again is stuck on empty. These leak-proof tanks will not corrode. U.S. Beckett Rocket™ wireless ultrasonic oil storage tank remote sensor unit communicates to a readout that plugs into any 120VAC electrical wall receptacle. Watch out: Check to assure that the oil tank gauge is present, and that its protective cover is tight. Personal communication to DJF 1987. Im very worried. 2/25/2012. eBay Preis anzeigen. When he came he pumped 110 gal and it indicated full to delivery man. Must be hand tightened only. I also found a similar gauge that has a "tank depth" of 10" - not sure what that means either. PSI-Level Wi-Fi Oil Tank Fuel Level Monitor, pneumatic oil level monitor that communicates to a wireless transmitter to connect to any web-enabled device. 215 gals in each tank or 430 gals remaining together. I have been working on it for 4 hours a day at 60 degrees. Once in a while when we've wondered if our oil tank was really empty, or when an owner has reported that the oil gauge seems to "stick" we've done this simple test. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. Siehe komplette Beschreibung. Simply mark the gauge where you ran out and you'll be ready for the future. When you have pushed the indicator partly or all the way down, release it. burner works but there's a weird sound (much like a screech). This double wall oil tank package is ideal when pumps and other … You should be able to carefully disassemble, remove from tank, un-bend, un-stick moving parts (or replace them).If your oil tank gauge looks like the one at the top of this page, try first unscrewing the plastic cover and press down gently on the gauge top indicator - the whole assembly will move and you're pushing the tank float and arm up and down inside the tank - sometimes this will free up the assembly without further ado. About $240. I had an indoor plug in oil level indicator but it has gone missing - where can I get a replacement one please. - Felix S 11/12/12. 4.5 out of 5 stars 639. Mr. Ferris was an Emptied water which was chocolate brown. According to my oil tank chart you would have approx. Abstandhalter Seite 5 2. Proper installation is to have a fusible link valve only on the The red plastic disk forms a line inside the oil tank gauge, showing the level of oil in the tank. This High Accuracy Fuel Tank Contents Gauge is a good quality float type gauge that is ideal for most domestic and light commercial fuel and oil storage tanks. Beckett OEM 7000 Wireless Fuel LEvel Monitor, about $145 at The red button resting at the bottom of the plastic tube to left of the galvanized tank vent pipe shows that this oil tank is probably empty. At oil storage tank gauge vials [above in this article] we have added photos and details. I have found a couple examples that I think will work such as the Krueger Sentry Galvanized Direct Reading Gauge. Preis anzeigen € 539. eBay. If your heating oil tank is above ground outdoors or indoors, look on top of the tank for a device similar to the one in the photos shown on this page. (Mar 2, 2015) Anonymous said:what are the correct positon of the two balllevers on top of outside oil tank. Examples are in the article above. Due to the holidays and financial difficulty, we cannot get oil for 3-4 days from today(12/31). This is the lowest point and will gather all the sludge and water. In other words if a plastic level gauge is installed correctly, what pressure rating are they designed to hold under manufacturing testing? one closes first the pump continues to run, blows its seal, and sprays oil all You will feel a little resistance because you're pushing a rod and float down into the heating oil inside tank. Befüllsystem Seite 6 3. Heating oil tank gauge installation, reading, testing, repair guide: how much oil is in the heating oil tank? It is not precise to the quart, probably not even to the gallon. The Roth EcoDWT plus 3 storage tank is a double wall tank (DWT) providing both primary and secondary containment tanks for #2 fuel oil, diesel fuel, bio-fuels up to B20, and both new and used automotive motor oils. Most likely the oil tank fuel level gauges you describe, when they refer to a "tank depth of 10" " are saying that the gauge can measure oil level in a tank at depths anywhere *between* 10" and a deeper level, typicalliy 144". Click to Show or Hide Citations & References, EcoDWT Plus 3 oil storage tank [Installation Instructions], ARTICLE INDEX to HEATING OIL, OIL BURNERS, OIL FIRED HEATERS, OIL TANKS, HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION COURESES (Canada), HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION: HOME STUDY COURSES. In the photo our client is discovering a surprise buried oil tank at a farm we were inspecting. Note: The Smart Oil Gauge is not compatible with the Roth 1500L. Roth doppelwand-tank dwt plus 3 750 liter mit. - Ian 8/7/12. A minimum of 2” (50 mm) from all walls or obstructions is recommended for normal tank expansion and visual inspection. Or use the SEARCH BOX found below to Ask a Question or Search InspectApedia. Proper installation is to have a fusible link valve only on the This tells you that the hinged mechanism and float are still in place and that they are moving without obstruction. If the heating oil tank is inaccessible above ground or buried, remote oil level gauges are available. Buy Gauge EcoDWT Oil Sealed 2 Inch for 165 and 275 Gallon Storage Tank. OIL TANK GAUGE ACCURACY FAQs at - online encyclopedia of building & environmental inspection, testing, diagnosis, repair, & problem prevention advice. Smart Oil Gauge, Connected Consumer Fuel,1 Prindle Ln. fusible oil supply line valve on return oil-line side - in case of fire if this Krueger LED At A Glance, hardwired remote LED readout oil tank fuel level gauge - about $190. Oil Tanks Roth double-walled oil tanks offer the highest level of safety and environmental protection. Oil tank gauges are more accurate on rectangular-shaped oil tanks and still more accurate oil tank measurement systems are available. Syba Systems Wireless Internet Fuel/Fluid Tank Level Monitor Systems for monitoring an oil storage tank via internet, includes sensor, transmitter, and internet connected deviced. Or use the SEARCH BOX found below to Ask a Question or Search InspectApedia. The house is a 1700 sq feet brick ranck home. Most likely the oil tank fuel level gauges you describe, when they refer to a "tank depth of 10" " are saying that the gauge can measure oil level in a tank at depths anywhere *between* 10" and a deeper level, typicalliy 144". Fuel Minder II™ and Fuel Minder III™, hard-wired oil tank fuel level gauges that report fuel level on an analog fuel level dial that you locate in your building at a convenient location. and up. Our oil tank has just gone a sliver below the 1/4 mark. • Duplex Bushing, 1/2” or 3/8” • Fuel Oil Gauge • Ventalarm • Leak Indicator • Expansion Kits If your oil fired heating boiler, warm air furnace, or water heater has stopped working, one of the first things to check is whether or not you've run out of fuel. They are rust resistant inside and out and are designed to prevent spills, leaks and fires caused by defective pipes, couplings or fittings located underneath the tank. I recently bought a forclosed home that was built in 1957 with oil heat. Wide handles are positioned on the front of the tank to allow for easy handling and transport. HVAC expert. Buy Expansion Kit Roth EcoDWT #1 Dual Tank Roth DWT 110 165 and 275 Gallon Safety Oil Storage Tank Installation. About $130. If they deliver the oil warm it seems full on the gauge but will drop the level when it cools. Ms. Puentes can be contacted at. These questions & answers about the accuracy of heating oil storage tank gauges and about how to get an accurate idea of how much oil is in the tank were posted orginally at OIL TANK GAUGE ACCURACY - please be sure to review that article too. An alternative MIGHT be to close off the clogged lines and install new, larger diameter oil lines coming off of the tank tops. There's usually a couple gallon still in it, On 2016-03-07 by (mod) - If a supplier overfills a oil tank in the basement of a dwelling and the fill pipe is full, is it possible that the hydraulic head of the liquid above the gauge would leak oil? I rarely keep it past 68 and off on warmer days. State-of-the-art tank assembly with Roth DWT plus 3 and Roth KWT: All steps in a single process! 2335021644 replaces 2335000889 Roth Leak Indicator for DWT 620 L / 1000L Fuel Tanks… Galow Consulting Services [Website ] , 914-204-1749, email: [1] "Fuel Oil Piping and Storage", 2006 Mechanical Code, Chapter 13. Apologies for the delay. 3 (1969): 191-194. They told me that foam formed when new oil was put into tank that caused it to indicate full and stop pumping. Ian,The float arm may be bent or the gauge sticking. No more float gauges for me I’m buying one also I’m curious to know when the oil company fills my tanks how accurate they are in counting gallons and charging meModerator adds:The Smart Oil Gauge™ measures the level in your tank throughout the day and transmits this information over your home’s Wi-Fi network. the furnace was not coming on, technician blew out the line, and after a while, some oil came in. F.W. I'd ask the oil company to check oil tank water level, remove excess water, and go from there. Goods with a value of over excluding VAT will have deducted from the refund . You need room above the tank to insert the new gauge and you'll be all set. At above right the oil tank gauge installed on this Stewart Island, New Zealand oil storage tank reads oil tank level in cm - which works nicely to give an idera of how much oil remains if the tank's height is close to the gauge's operating range. The sending unit is working perfectly so I am able to guestimate the gallons of fuel in my tank. Can you help? To confi gure the Receiver Display for other style tanks determine the total tank height either by making a direct measurement or using the Table on page 3. Double Wall Roth Tanks have Zero fittings below the fluid line! (Nov 26, 2014) Anonymous said:we have two 275 gallon oil tanks. 2335003832 Unitech Fuel Oil Gauge Use With 275 gal 1000LH Tank ONLY : $43.35. iLevel Wi-Fi Oil Tank Level Monitor, a Wi-Fi remote sensor oil tank fuel level monitor that retrofits to "almost any" existing oil tank fuel level gauge and connects to any web-enabled device. Is it because there is liquid sitting on top of the float gage? My oil tank was half full and yesterday I had it filled to the max. Try the search box just below, or if you prefer, post a question or comment in the Comments box below and we will respond promptly.