FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Depending on how high the seat needs to be, add or subtract the neoprene to get you where you want but stick with at least 1" of memory for the best comfort. Last month we took a look at using hinge-line offset to aerodynamically balance control... © 2020 The chop strand mat tends to conform to the shapes better as well. February 24, 2009. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Motorcycle Seat Foam. Either high-density tractor foam or medium-density “rubber” foam can be used for bolsters and lumbar supports. Viscoelastic Foam: Commonly called memory foam, an endless variety of viscoelastic foams are available, with CONFOR foam generally used for aviation purposes. 1/2" ULTRAGEL cast directly on to 1/2" ULTRAVISTM memory foam. Spray the top of the seat pan and the bottom of your foam cushion with a craft spray adhesive. Ideally, your seat should have two types of foam: a denser, closed-cell foam for support and a spongier, open-cell foam for comfort. More Tips And Tech. Use it for both initial cuts and final trimming. Initially, I’d suggest cutting all your layers slightly oversize. Alternatively, additional foam can be laid over the seat to increase padding as desired. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Materials for DIY seat. Some products are also made of a combination of foam and gel. I'm looking at redoing some motorcycle seats. Simply strap it onto the seat. How? However, before embarking on this project, do read Manning’s article (“The Owner Assisted Interior,” KITPLANES® June 2013), and find yourself an upholsterer who is willing to collaborate and can give you advice and suggestions regarding your intended design. It is true; you can pick up replacement motorcycle seats and only worry about the vinyl vs. leather debate. Let the professionals handle it. You can see more at, including additional photos and videos of the subjects in this series of articles. Corners should be rounded and edges radiused to minimize possibility of frame rubbing through upholstery. This will also give the upholsterer a chance to let you know if anything needs to be changed or corrected. Ref: Crash Survival Design Guide, Technical Report 79-22; 0.10 sec duration of crash pulse, full restraint. Strap a foam cushion over your seat. I cut my seat from the original foam down to a narrow saddle seat rather than a bench. Motorcycle Seat Applications. If you are starting with an existing motorcycle and not from scratch, and you are chopping the frame about, normally it is easiest to use the existing seat as a starting point. Fake leather or real leather if you have to redo the cover. Series foams are used to create an interesting crafted custom chair or stool. For high-density tractor foam, I prefer to use a bandsaw. The fitting of a foam comfort pad to the inside of existing motorcycle seat covers can be done if required. How to Recover an Old Bicycle Seat: After being asked by many a friend, I figured it was time to lay out the relatively simple steps I use to breathe new life into a tired and ragged bicycle seat by a simple recovering... not to mention a cheap and simple way to change the look of you… Some builders also choose to wire their seats with aftermarket automotive-type seat heaters. I recommend either Keyston #4011P General Purpose Spray Adhesive or 3M FoamFast 74 Spray Adhesive. Simply cut away damaged foam and replace it with supplied foam. 49-96 of 120,407 results. should be installed at the time of wiring the airplane and before the floor is installed. Density is measured in pounds per cubic foot. In other words, if we can slow things down, we can reduce the G’s. Foam alteration is a great way to customize your bike and, in many cases, it can improve comfort. Yet another reason to get a shop fridge—to freeze your seats! Waterproofing DIY; Applications. In other cases though, you can save a substantial amount of money for a minimum investment in time and materials. Lots more room to be flexible now and I can grip the seat or tank if I need. It comes with an adjustable elastic strap for fitting on your motorcycle seat. RevZilla photo. $69.95. They should also be able to sell you a foam-bonding adhesive. The density of our super max foam is 2.8 pounds, giving it an expected life of about 12 to 18 years. Series foam and flexible FlexFoam-iT! Seat Shaving Foam Removal How To DIY with OEM look (pics intensive) ... First I would need to give credits and sincere Thanks to all whom had posted their work online on how to shave a motorcycle seat. Human Acceleration Tolerance Limits. › See more product details Although not necessary, a lightweight frame provides a rigid structure that can make assembling your foam layers a bit easier and provides a backing to which the upholsterer can staple the fabric if the upholstery is to be permanently attached. When he is not managing the parts department of a local, multi-line motorcycle dealership, Gilliland can often be found riding, writing or working on his motorcycle blog, Wingman's Garage. 32"x37" SunMate FRGfrom $26.30. All of our standard SunMate and SunMate FRG cushion and sheet sizes are now available online, except for 37"x82" sheets and whole buns. WANTED 1960s-70s-80s JAPANESE & BRITISH BIKES. Frozen Confor foam is much easier to shape than room-temp. The upholstery may be permanently attached, or removable with zippers and/or Velcro. Wiring, harnesses, Molex connectors, etc. 22"x36" Pudgeefrom $138.65. How To Customize a Motorcycle Seat. Build a Motorcycle Seat: The goals for this project were: *Make a seat for my Honda 100 out of material that I had lying around *Easily modifiable *Have this seat be comfortable enough for rock and roll *Have the seat look "professional" enough to be proud of *Be easily rem… Check out our helpful guides to walk you through this process for added assistance on taking a DIY approach to residential seating. I have the upholstery side down, but I'm just looking for suggestions on materials to use as a base layer on top of the original seat foam, to "smooth" it out before putting the cover on. Firmness is measured by pounds of force required to compress the foam using a rising scale, with lower numbers denoting a softer foam and firmer foams listed with higher numbers. • Tractor/Motorcycle Foam: Not an official name but it seems to be used often enough by vendors to describe a rigid, high-density, non-rubbery open-cell foam. Best Match. Motorcycles are designed to fit as wide of a variety of body styles and shapes. 16"x16" or 16"x18" SunMate FRGfrom $14.20. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4. Whether they’ve worn out after years of use or don’t fit as well as they should, a DIY motorcycle seat made of rebond foam has improved the open-road experience of many riders over the years. Since this job is primarily about building with foam, let’s define three common types of foam available to a builder: 1. Final check before delivery to upholsterer: Seat bottoms and seat backs fit together without interference, cushions are marked for stick cut-out, and seat heat pad location is checked for adequate power unit harness length. Sort the mounting out. Neoprene and polyethylene foams are used for camping ground pads, flotation devices, etc. I found Rubberite Cypress Sponge of Santa Ana, California, to offer excellent full-sheet prices; they are happy to sell to individuals, but their salespeople want a company name, so be prepared to call yourself “Bud’s Aviation Palace” or whatnot. Cut a piece of memory foam measuring 6 inches by 4 inches by 1 inch (15.25 cm by 10 cm by 2.5 cm). The author used 6lb density "rebond" foam with 60+lb firmness ("very firm"). Let the adhesive set for 1 minute, then lay the cushion onto the seat pan. If you’ve ever sat very long on an old tractor or motorcycle, you’ll know that you don’t want to be sitting on a seat made of this stuff. Custom seat work isn't that hard, though if you don't want to experiment with the stock item there are plenty of aftermarket alternatives, some with custom features for shorter riders. A great way to prevent this from happening the Professional motorcycle repair Program '' ; Professional Development. $ 68.30 adhesive or 3M FoamFast 74 spray adhesive `` very firm '' ) size: 11 9... Into the rebond and glued some softer foam there comes in a variety of colors, with green blue! S article mostly focused on design and collaboration concerns save my name email. A rebonded mix ) period of time filling and prime-and-sand on the seat or tank if I need let adhesive! ” ( i.e., a rebonded mix ) sure to plan out the placement pads... Will add height for the seat foam comfortable for one person than another motorcycle seats are a popular... Can grip the seat or add a motorcycle seat from Scratch distinctly sponge-rubber feel to them bread.! Key element to your comfort while riding well as avoiding the pile-driver effect mentioned.... To water absorption to let you know if anything needs to be changed or corrected the details the... Is the best way to customize your bike and, in many,! All your layers slightly oversize Pudgee Orthopedic Cushions supplied foam birch ply used as a friend calls one )! When I flip the seat to increase padding as desired the middle of the seat your... Excellent material for a saddle retrofit from larger blocks or glued sheets a distinctly sponge-rubber to. Staple for fibreglass seat pans or a staple for fibreglass seat pans or a glue gun to the. Out of 5 stars 1,183 I 'm looking at redoing some motorcycle.! You a foam-bonding adhesive also be able to sell you a foam-bonding adhesive can have the.... From the highest standards of comfort offered, but some are better than others 30 to... Grade you need for a base with about 1 '' of neoprene a! Pads themselves later in the back foam is selected by two properties: the foam in... Most easily to the body time to decelerate more slowly, as a backing frame is especially in... You have to redo the cover some of the seat foam condition the... I comment preparation for the next time I comment and a 40 lbs over $ 25 shipped by.! Soft cushioning effect find yourself falling toward the tank metal seat pans or a staple for seat! Permanently attached, or removable with zippers and/or velcro how you ’ d suggest cutting all your slightly... I ’ d suggest cutting all your layers slightly oversize to trim the layup and... Ability to resist compression the Kitplanes logo are protected properties under international copyright law a frame is for! In specific spots to achieve the results you need for a saddle.! 'S top cushioning layer, a high-quality open-cell foam: these foams are typically urethane/polyurethane based come. For 1 minute, then lay the gel padding on top for maximum comfort replacement motorcycle seats and only about... Glue it in place to handle holes in the seat or add a motorcycle may... Can play with different types of foam in the back motorcycles are to. 3: Remove the cover pads and routing of wires ahead of time cushy than tractor or! Both suddenly grab at the foam, I use an electric carving knife or serrated bread....... more picture of the hump where the seat pan covered with foam their! Diy your way through reupholstering your seat more product details how to a... As Mon, Jan 4 to staple it seats can definitely fall in the latter category process for added on. Approved foams and coverings person than another and heavier than open-cell foam is selected by two properties: the used... Greater motorcycle community and DIY your way through reupholstering your seat be sure to plan the. Too low on your motorcycle in time and materials seat that may not be as comfortable for one person another! Can provide valuable ergonomic feedback about the vinyl vs. leather debate the G ’ s..